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Living in Colorado

Helping with your home buying & selling needs in Denver and surrounding communities.

Want to Sell By Owner..7 Tips to Help You!

16 July, 2016
  1. Find a good real estate attorney now! Have your attorney prepare a purchase agreement that you can fill in the earnest money, price, terms, dates for inspections, title, and closing. You might want to make your contact subject to attorney approval after you have filled it in and it has been signed by a buyer. Remember, if someone wants to buy your house you need to be ready to sell it.

Holiday Season Buying and Selling Advice

17 December, 2012

Advice to Sellers

The holiday season is upon us and the year end is around the corner. If you have your home on the market or are thinking about putting your home on the market, staging is a critical consideration this time of year. Specifically, keep your home warm and inviting, keep your home light – maintain lighting in all areas, keep your home basic – decorate for the holidays; but remove clutter wherever possible, keep your home clean and well maintained, and keep it neat both inside and outside.

Why Most Real Estate For Sale By Owners Fail

28 June, 2010

The Wrong Price

It is the most critical element when selling any product, especially when you’re talking about something as large as a home sale. Homes that are listed with a Realtor® that are overpriced stand a slim chance of selling. Overpricing by owners makes it next to impossible!

Is Selling Your Home On Your Own A Good Business Decision?

25 June, 2010

Every year there are a small number of people who decide to try to privately sell their own home and often walk away losing a lot of money, or worse are involved in a lawsuit that may take months to settle. We call them FSBOs or (For Sale By Owners). These sellers that try to sell their homes, without the aid of a licensed real estate agent, are in hope of saving some money and in today’s complex real estate market, most are very disappointed. Not only do these homeowners need help to prepare their home for sale according to demands of today's buyer preferences, but they venture into the land of pricing, marketing, screening, scheduling, showing and paperwork that they are not prepared for.

5 Steps for Getting Ready to Buy

17 June, 2010

Step 1. Find a Local Lender You Can Talk To in Person

Local lenders understand your market and know of loan programs that might be beneficial to you.

Check with your lender on any local programs that might help with closing costs or in other ways. Even though the media have pronounced the 100-percent-financing option dead, this is not always the case. Check it out for yourself and then get preapproved for a loan so you know how much house you're able to buy.

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