1. Find a good real estate attorney now! Have your attorney prepare a purchase agreement that you can fill in the earnest money, price, terms, dates for inspections, title, and closing. You might want to make your contact subject to attorney approval after you have filled it in and it has been signed by a buyer. Remember, if someone wants to buy your house you need to be ready to sell it.
  2. Have a couple of professional Realtors come and give you a price analysis of your home and do a buyer behavior survey. You might want to even have it appraised so if a buyer questions your price, you can show them the appraisal. Remember, they want to buy it for the least amount of money and you're trying to sell it for the most amount of money. Having the appraisal might help with the negotiation.
  3. Check with some lenders on mortgage rates, amount of down payments for different types of loans, and have them figure out what a typical payment would be for a buyer with a couple of ways like FHA and conventional. Buyers may ask you for this, so it's good to have it ready.
  4. Market where the buyers are looking. That means using the Internet and maybe even creating a website you can send people to with pictures, room sizes, square-footage, neighborhood amenities, and anything else that may help your home stand out over others in the market place.
  5. Get names, phone numbers, and email addresses of everyone that looks at your home. Be careful, as someone may not be who they say they are and are just casing your home out. Follow-up with each person looking at your home to see if they are interested or not.
  6. If you're not getting results in a month or so, adjust your price, change your marketing, or, based on your feedback, make some changes to the appearance or condition of your home. You may even want to consider a professional stager for assistance.
  7. Give yourself a time frame for trying on your own and if you don't get the results you want, then let a professional do what they are trained to do. I doubt you would fix your own teeth, cut your own hair, or represent yourself in a lawsuit. About 80-85% of all owners that try on their own end up using a professional and, as we said before, even net more than they would if it sold by owner.

Good Luck! If we can help you by answering a few questions for you, just call one of us and we'll do our best to help.